Columbus Technical College
Transient Student Information

Transient Student
A Columbus Technical College student in good academic standing currently enrolled as regular status, but taking a class at another college.

A Columbus Technical College student is eligible for transient status after the completion of one of the last two quarters with good academic standing (waived for ADN students only).

Steps to Request Transient Status

  1. Choose a class from the GVTC website or any college or university.
  2. Talk with your advisor during returning advisement/registration to determine if the class falls within your program of study and is transferable to Columbus Technical College.
  3. Complete an admissions application with the transient school and mail with your application fee to the transient school
  4. Fill out the Columbus Technical College Request for Transient Agreement Letter online.
  5. Contact the transient school to confirm the receipt of your application and transient agreement letter. Ask for information about registration.
  6. Order your books from the transient school or an online bookstore.

Request for Transient Agreement Letter